Finland in the European Union

According to Finland's EU policy outline, a stronger, more unified and fairer Union would best serve the interests of Finland and its citizens.

Key development areas include efforts with which to strengthen competitiveness to improve economic growth and employment; promote the effectiveness of regulation;  strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union; ensure respect for the Union's values and rules; develop a common energy policy; combat climate change; promote the free movement of people; and enhance the Union's external actions. 


Prime Minister Sipilä's Government Programme

The Programme of the current Government was submitted to Parliament in the form of a Government statement on 29 May 2015.

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Government reports and policies

The Government provides information on EU issues to Parliament through Europe communications, Union communications, statements and reports. The Prime Minister may also submit announcements on EU affairs that fall within the Government’s mandate.

Europe and Union documents - Parliament (in Finnish and Swedish only)