Glossaries and guidance

The Prime Minister's Office compiles multilingual glossaries on government terminology. Glossaries are usually the product of multilingual terminology projects carried out by language specialist in cooperation with experts from different administrative branches.

The projects typically run for 1-3 years and the resulting glossaries cover between 150 and 900 concepts. Equivalents in selected languages, definitions, explanations and notes on usage are given, together with concept diagrams illustrating the relationship between the concepts concerned.

Most glossaries are published at the Finnish Government Termbank Valter. Some glossaries are also available in print.

To support the work of the ministries' translators, the Terminology Service compiles glossaries on topical issues. These usually provide equivalents in two or three languages, together with explanations and examples of usage. 

Guidance is issued to help resolve language problems in texts about Finnish government - mostly relating to problems encountered in translating or writing in English. Also a list of links to glossaries compiled by other government agencies and public bodies is provided here.


The Prime Minister's Office has compiled a number of multilingual glossaries in cooperation with other government ministries and agencies. The glossaries are available at the Government Termbank Valter.

  • Kuntasanasto 2013 (fi-sv-en)
  • Suomalaiset sotilasarvot 2012 (fi-sv-en-fr-ru)
  • Ilmasto- ja energiasanasto 2010 (fi-en). Also pdf
  • Eduskuntasanasto 2008 (fi-sv-en-se-de-es-et-fr-ru)
  • Työmarkkinasanasto 2005 (fi-sv-en-de-fr)
  • Korkeakoulusanasto 2005 (fi-sv-en-de-fr-es-ru)
  • Valtioneuvostosanasto 2009 (fi-sv-en-da-de-el-es-et-fr-it-nl-pt-ru)
  • Verosanasto 2002 (fi-sv-en-de-fr). Also pdf
  • Tuomioistuinsanasto 2001 (fi-sv-en-de-fr)
  • Budjettisanasto 2001 (fi-sv-en-de-fr)
  • Julkisten rakennusten nimiä ja niiden käännöksiä 2000 (fi-sv-en-de-fr-ru)
  • EMU-sanasto 1999 (fi-sv-en-de-fr)

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