Government report on the future

Once during each electoral period, the Government submits to Parliament a report on the future focusing on long-term perspectives. Each report is restricted to key strategic issues relative to policy decisions to be taken in a 10-20 year period. In addition to the Government, the report process always involves Parliament. The aim is also to encourage broad debate in society.

Preparation of Government foresight report commenced - themes involve reconfiguration of work and the future of Finnish labour

The themes of the Prime Minister Sipilä's Government foresight report involve reconfiguration of work and the future of Finnish labour. Preparation of the most recent foresight report commenced in March 2016 and the work will be completed in two parts, in 2017 and 2018. The purpose of the report is to find answers to broad questions on the future of how we work and to generate information on the meaning of the reconfiguration of work and how Finland can adapt to the changes successfully.

The first part, due out in 2017, will examine the future of work, the factors impacting it and what the changes mean for Finland. It will assess how the labour markets will change; how are the characteristics of the labour forces, workplace structures and the ways of working expected to change. The results should generate a deliberated update on the future of work over a time span of around two decades. The second part, which will be a Government Report to Parliament in 2018, aims to formulate a view on what kind of solutions are called for so that Finland and Finnish labour can be successful in the future. 

The Government foresight report will be prepared by exploiting national foresight procedures and by trying out new ways of working. Besides the Government foresight report, the Government will also exploit foresight in its strategic procedures. This means that new processes will be created to support foresight and to bolster existing processes so that a foresight perspective can be brought into decision-making processes.

Inquiries: Taina Kulmala, Head of Unit, tel. +358 295 160 184 and Kaisa Oksanen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 160 430, Prime Minister's Office

Government Report on the Future (2013): well-being through sustainable growth