Management and organisation


The Prime Minister is the head of the Prime Minister's Office. The State Secretary, whose appointment is in tandem with the Prime Minister’s term of office, directs the Prime Minister’s Office. He is assisted in this by the Permanent State Under-Secretary. The Permanent State Under-Secretary directs and monitors the work of the PMO's departments, units and officials.

The Prime Minister’s Office has five departments: the Government EU Affairs Department, the Government Administration Department, the Government Ownership Steering Department and the Government Communications Department. Other units include the Government Session Unit, the Government Policy Analysis Unit and the Government External Economic Relations Unit.

Government EU Affairs Department

The Government EU Affairs Department ensures that the system for coordinating EU policy functions well, and that Finland's EU policy is consistent. The Department prepares EU affairs for the Prime Minister and the Minister for European Affairs, and serves as the secretariat for the Ministerial Committee on European Union Affairs. It prepares meetings of the European Council, directs the Committee for EU Affairs and participates in the work of preparation sections. A representative of the Government EU Affairs Department is present, as a member of the Finnish delegation, at all Council meetings.

The Government EU Affairs Department is responsible for issues concerning the amendment of EU Treaties and the coordination of matters related to basic treaties of the European Union. It also covers other treaties and international obligations handled by the EU. In addition, the Department is responsible for any horizontal and institutional matters of key importance to the EU's development and handles certain appointments to EU institutions.

Government Administration Department

The Government Administration Department is responsible for the government's and its ministries' common administrative and specialist services and the Prime Minister's Office's internal administration.

The Department is responsible for the management, coordination and development of the ministries' common administration, planning of internal operations and finances and for their common practices and procedures. In addition, it provides joint services and promotes shared organisational culture.

The Department handles matters related to the Office of the President of the Republic that are considered by the Government, honorary titles awarded by the President of the Republic, party subsidies and other such matters that fall within the mandate of the Prime Minister's Office and which are not charged with another department or unit.

The Government Administration Department is headed by a director general. The Department is divided into five divisions headed by three directors of divisions.

Information Management and ICT Division

  • Information Systems Unit
  • ICT Unit
  • Information Management Unit

Premises and Security Division

  • Preparedness Unit
  • Premises and In-house Services Unit

HR and Finance Division

  • HR Unit
  • Finance Unit

Internal Communications and Information Support Division

  • Internal Communications Unit
  • Information Support and Publications Unit

Translation and Language Division

  • Swedish Language Unit
  • Foreign Languages Unit
  • Language Services Unit

In addition to the divisions, a function called Development Services headed by a director operates directly under the department's director general.

Development Services coordinates the development of Prime Minister's Office operations and operating models. It develops common operating models relating to project management, quality assurance, enterprise architecture and general management and coordinates such work at government level.

Government Ownership Steering Department

Duties relating to state ownership steering are handled in the Ownership Steering Department within the Prime Minister’s Office. The department is responsible for state ownership policy, the ownership steering of state-owned companies, the expansion of the ownership base, ownership restructuring arrangements, share investments, the coordination of ministries' ownership steering procedures and inter-ministerial cooperation.

Government Communications Department

The Government Communications Department is responsible for the Prime Minister's and the Government's communications, the external and internal communications of the Prime Minister’s Office and coordination of the Government's EU communications.  The Department provides information on Government decisions and is in charge of communications management and planning in emergency conditions. It also handles the coordination and development of central government communications. In addition, the Department is responsible for the ministries’ joint intranet.

Government Session Unit

The Government Session Unit is responsible for expert services related to decision-making by the Government and the President of the Republic. The Unit's duties include practical arrangements relating to decision-making by the Government and the President of the Republic, and keeping written records of sessions. The Unit guides and improves decision-making procedures and maintains and develops the Government's electronic decision-making system. The Government Session Unit also provides assistance in all measures relating to changes of government and ministerial reshuffles.

Government Policy Analysis Unit

The Government Policy Analysis Unit produces data and prepares publications in support of the government's work on the future, foresight and economic policy decision making. The Unit is responsible for the development of the indicator service Findicator in cooperation with Statistics Finland and other ministries. It also serves as a secretariat for the Economic Council.

Government External Economic Relations Unit

The Government External Economic Relations Unit is responsible for coordinating work by ministries on Finland's external economic relations. Management of external economic relations includes shaping the business environment of enterprises operating outside Finland, the provision of publicly funded internationalisation services for companies, the promotion of investments targeted at Finland, boosting the 'Finland' brand and giving Finland a higher international profile.

Secretariat for Government Strategy Work

The Secretariat for Government Strategy Work is responsible for the government's strategy process and its effectiveness, preparation of the government action plan and the government's strategy review sessions, coordination of the preparatory processes of the government action plan and the general government fiscal plan, monitoring of the government programme and the government action plan and production of related monitoring data. The Secretariat for Government Strategy Work is a separate function from the departments and units of the Prime Minister's Office operating under the Permanent State Under-Secretary directed by the State Secretary to the Prime Minister.