Projects and permanent bodies at the Prime Minister’s Office

Detail in the Government Palace

The Prime Minister’s Office administers certain bodies and special research projects. The permanent bodies do not have a fixed term of office. Provisions concerning the permanent bodies are issued in acts, as in the case of the Economic Council, or in decrees. The permanent bodies produce reports of their respective fields of specialty or they handle a special duty, like the Title Board.


Projects have a fixed term. Projects of the Prime Minister’s Office are usually appointed by the Prime Minister or the State Secretary.


Project register

The project register is a public internet service provided by the ministries and Parliament. It contains information on committees, boards, advisory boards, surveys, working groups and the governing bodies of state offices and institutions.

Government project register (in Finnish)

Economic Council

Chaired by the Prime Minister, the Economic Council of Finland is a body for facilitating co-operation between the Government, the Bank of Finland and major interest groups. It aims to strengthen and deepen broad-based, analytical discussion prior to economic policy decisions.

Economic Council