26.6.2013 13.15

Government Report on EU Policy 2013

ISBN 978-952-287-056-8


Publication (72 pages, 928 kb)



The Government Report on EU Policy 2013 focuses on the benefits and challenges of European integration, lays down guidelines for Finland’s EU policy and discusses key development projects intended to foster the Union activities. The report puts forward the proposals on the basis of which Finland will seek to improve the Union, not only for EU citizens but also for European business and working life. Finland is committed to the single currency, strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union and supporting closer integration. The European Union must act in ways that its citizens feel they can support. A stronger, more unified and fairer Union will best serve the interests of Finland and its citizens. Key development areas include efforts with which to ensure respect for the Union’s values and rules; strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union; improve competitiveness, growth and employment, and the social dimension; develop a common energy policy; combat climate change; promote the free movement of people; enhance the Union’s external actions; and foster enlargement. In future, it will remain important to maintain the Union’s unity. The report also examines Finland’s EU policy mechanisms, and the ways in which Finland has an influence and promotes its interests within the EU. To attain the established objectives, Finland’s existing system of coordinating EU issues must be strengthened by developing the current procedures and making better use of resources.