Mandate of the Prime Minister’s Office

Government Palace

The Prime Minister's Office, led by the Prime Minister in person, is a ministry responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of the Government’s political programme. The Prime Minister’s Office also assists the Prime Minister in the general management of Government functions.


The Prime Minister’s Office coordinates EU policy and handles issues related to the development of the EU.  The Prime Minister’s Office ensures that the activities of the Prime Minister and Government flow smoothly in all circumstances.



Finland is an internationally successful, advanced society – a position ensured by well-functioning parliamentary democracy, stable leadership and continuous development.


The Prime Minister's Office promotes cooperation between the Government and the various branches of public administration and develops leadership practices for the Government and the Prime Minister.


Expertise, transparency, dynamism and responsibility are deeply characteristic of the way we function.

Prime Minister

The function of the Prime Minister’s Office is to support the duties of the Prime Minister.  The Prime Minister directs the work of the Government and coordinates the preparation and consideration of Government business.


The Prime Minister monitors the implementation of the Government Programme and coordinates the preparation and consideration of issues to be decided by the European Union.

The duties of the Prime Minister