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Futures Review of the Ministry of the Interior: Finland will be equally safe for all

Ministry of the Interior
4.6.2018 9.18 | Published in English on 4.6.2018 at 12.30
Press release 63/2018
Photo: Sakari Piippo

The Ministry of the Interior's vision is that Finland will be the safest country in the world and equally safe for all in 2030. To achieve this vision in the coming years, internal security services must even out the differences in the actual and perceived security of individuals and groups of people. The Futures Review of the Ministry of the Interior was published on 4 June.

"Unpredictability of migration flows, extreme weather events resulting from climate change and vulnerability of society dependent on technology are threats that the security authorities need to better anticipate in the near future," says Permanent Secretary Esko Koskinen.

The volume of crime has fallen thanks to an increase in overall wellbeing, but wellbeing and security are not evenly distributed among different groups of the population. Ten per cent of the population experience more than two thirds of all violence. Inequalities and social exclusion are significant background factors for conventional security threats, such as crime and becoming a victim of crime. Therefore, the internal security authorities must also tackle these factors.

The average age of the population is increasing more rapidly in Finland than in any other EU country. At the same time the population is concentrated in cities. We must secure a sufficiently balanced provision of internal security services, such as police and rescue services, throughout the country and under all circumstances.

Visible presence of the authorities is required to maintain people’s sense of security, regardless of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. It is essential to ensure sufficient human resources in the long term so that the standard of services can be maintained and visible presence of authorities ensured in future years, too.

The futures reviews of the ministries describe Finland’s key questions in the years ahead. Their purpose is to assess situations and developments in society and examine issues for political decision making. The aim is to generate public debate and provide information for the forthcoming elections and government formation talks. This is the fifth time the futures reviews were drawn up.

Finland to be the safest country in the world. Futures Review of the Ministry of the Interior 2018 (summary in English)


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