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Minister responsible for ownership steering Tytti Tuppurainen: It is important that we have reached an agreement on Uniper

Government Communications Department
Publication date 22.7.2022 12.54 | Published in English on 22.7.2022 at 13.41
Press release 444/2022

Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering Tytti Tuppurainen, who is currently deputising for the Prime Minister, considers it important that Fortum, its subsidiary Uniper and the German government have reached an agreement on measures to stabilise Uniper’s situation and secure people’s access to energy in Europe.

“In assessing solutions to the Uniper crisis, the main objective of the State has been to help find a solution in which the State’s ownership value in Fortum is preserved and can develop in the best way possible. According to our assessment, the outcome now reached, which was approved by Fortum’s board after careful consideration and analysis, is the best possible compromise under these circumstances and within this timeframe. The view of the State of Finland as Fortum’s largest shareholder was that the solution should not involve granting additional financing from Fortum or the State, and that the shareholder loan of EUR 4 billion granted by Fortum and the parent company's guarantees of EUR 4 billion issued on behalf of Uniper should remain in force. These objectives were achieved in the negotiations.”

“My German ministerial colleagues and I had intense discussions about the situation, and I consider it important that the outcome is acceptable to all parties involved. In Finland, the Government’s Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy has expressed its support for the solution,” Minister Tuppurainen says.

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Tytti Tuppurainen