Prime Minister Sipilä to the Digital Summit

Government Communications Department 15.9.2017 9.56 | Published in English on 15.9.2017 at 16.23
Press release 404/2017

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä will take part in the Digital Summit in Tallinn on 29 September. The day before this he will attend an unofficial dinner for heads of state or government to discuss the future of the EU. Estonia, which currently holds the EU Presidency, is organising the Summit.

The Summit will discuss the impact of increasing digitalisation on the economy and society. Key themes include ensuring safe, reliable digital operations, promoting the data economy, the digitalisation of public services and developing skills, as the nature of work changes. 

One of the key projects of the Finnish Government is to prepare society and business to better face digital development. Prime Minister Sipilä has been invited to hold a keynote speech for a basis of the EU leaders’ discussion.

Inquiries: Kare Halonen, State Secretary, EU Affairs, tel. +358 295 160 319, Riikka Pakarinen, Special Adviser (EU Affairs), tel. +358 40 580 0833 and Anne Sjöholm, Head of Communications for EU Affairs, tel. +358 40 537 0733, Prime Minister’s Office