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Finland acts in a changing world: Futures Review of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has been published

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 4.6.2018 10.00
Press release

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ Futures Review Finland acts in a changing world has been published on 4 June. The key message of the review is that Finland is not a bystander, but rather an active influencer in international development.

The review explores the major trends and transformations in international politics and the ways in which Finland will address these developments in its foreign policy during the coming years. With good preparation and enhanced resources, we can cope with even major changes.

Through its foreign policy, Finland generates security, sustainable development and well-being in its region as well as more broadly around the world. Foreign policy is based on values, consistency and setting an example.

Intensifying international competition and major shifts in power relations underline the importance of protecting the European Union’s value base and operating capacity. A globally influential and unified EU is in Finland’s best interests. Finland must also have a seat at the table whenever decisions affecting our country are made.

The growing global challenges highlight the indispensable nature of multilateral cooperation and rule-based order. Long-running conflicts that are difficult to resolve have broad impacts. Europe, the Middle East and Africa all have a significant impact on one another’s future. Finland’s foreign policy emphasises peace mediation and peace building as well as participating in comprehensive crisis management. It is necessary to systematically increase the development cooperation budget.

Changes in the international operating environment call for a broader presence and stronger partnerships in Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

More information: Sini Paukkunen, Director, Unit for Policy Planning and Research, tel. +358 295 351 759.

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