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Chairs appointed for reform tables and divisions in government formation talks

Government Communications Department
Publication date 3.5.2023 15.09 | Published in English on 3.5.2023 at 16.23
Press release

The party leaders have decided on the chairs of the reform tables and divisions for the government formation talks. In addition to the party leaders’ and secretaries’ tables and the government leadership table, the parties will negotiate at eight reform tables, which have a total of 18 subgroups or divisions.

Chairs of the reform tables and divisions

  • Sustainable public finances: Matias Marttinen (National Coalition Party)
    • Taxation: Jani Mäkelä (Finns Party)
  • A sustainable and well-functioning welfare society: Anna-Kaisa Ikonen (National Coalition Party)
    • Healthcare and social welfare services: Arja Juvonen (Finns Party)
    • Regional state administration, municipalities and cities: Toimi Kankaanniemi (Finns Party)
  • Wellbeing through work: Arto Satonen (National Coalition Party)
    • Social security: Sari Tanus (Christian Democrats)
    • Labour law: Arto Satonen (National Coalition Party)
    • International recruitment: Otto Andersson (Swedish People's Party)
  • A skilled Finland: Sari Multala (National Coalition Party)
    • Culture, sports, physical activity and youth: Ritva Elomaa (Finns Party)
  • A formula for growth: Sanni Grahn-Laasonen (National Coalition Party)
    • Built environment: Heikki Autto (National Coalition Party)
    • Communication and digitalisation: Sebastian Tynkkynen (Finns Party)
    • Agriculture and forestry: Jenna Simula (Finns Party)
  • Finland and clean energy: Kai Mykkänen (National Coalition Party)
    • Climate policy: Thomas Blomqvist (Swedish People’s Party)
    • Nature and environment policy: Saara-Sofia Sirén (National Coalition Party)
  • An active and international NATO country: Elina Valtonen (National Coalition Party)
    • Defence Policy: Peter Stenlund (Swedish People's Party)
    • Trade and development policy: Sauli Ahvenjärvi (Christian Democrats)
    • EU policy: Elina Valtonen (National Coalition Party)
    • Hybrid threats and cyber security: Wille Rydman (Finns Party)
  • A safe, secure and resilient state governed by the rule of law: Antti Häkkänen (National Coalition Party)
    • Internal security: Heikki Vestman (National Coalition Party)
    • Legal policy and equality: Leena Meri (Finns Party)

Inquiries: Päivi Paasikoski, Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 40 547 6279, Jyri Rantala, Deputy Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 50 563 3029