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European affairs ministers to continue their discussion on EU’s future in Murcia, Spain

Publication date 27.9.2023 14.18
Press release

The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union will hold an informal meeting of Ministers for European Affairs in Murcia on 28 September. The ministers will discuss the EU’s future programme. Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering Anders Adlercreutz will represent Finland at the meeting.

The ministers will continue the discussion on the impact of enlargement on the EU’s policies, budget and institutions, which they started at their informal meeting on 21–22 June 2023 in Stockholm. They will also exchange views on the EU’s open strategic autonomy, which is one of the key priorities of the Spanish Presidency.

As outlined in the Government Programme, Finland wants to see a globally strong and well-functioning European Union that promotes the security, wellbeing and economic interests of its Member States and citizens. It is in Finland’s interest to develop the EU into a better and more effective Union.

“It is good that the Spanish Presidency gives us this opportunity to continue the discussion we started in Stockholm on the future of the EU from the perspective of enlargement. Respect for the rule of law must continue to be at the heart of enlargement and other EU policies. It makes the EU more capable, credible and acceptable,” says Minister Adlercreutz.

According to the EU Treaties, the European Council stimulates the EU’s development and defines the general political direction and priorities of the EU. Following the elections to the European Parliament in June 2024, the European Council will adopt the EU’s strategic agenda for 2024–2029, which will set priorities for the new five-year period and serve as a guideline for the next President of the Commission. 

The EU Member States agree on the need to start discussing the EU’s internal preparation for enlargement. The European Council will define the framework for this discussion.

The purpose of informal ministerial meetings is to foster free discussion on general issues. No formal decisions will be made at the meetings.

Inquiries: Heli Siivola, Senior Specialist for EU Affairs, tel. +358 50 576 7745, and Crista Grönroos, Special Adviser, tel. +358 50 441 4257, Prime Minister’s Office