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Government decides on measures to improve employment and labour market position of people over 55, promote wellbeing at work and strengthen restructuring protection

Government Communications Department
Publication date 17.12.2020 18.05 | Published in English on 17.12.2020 at 20.30
Press release 802/2020

A key objective of the Marin Government is to build a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland. In the 2020 Government budget session, the Government decided on measures that, combined with its earlier employment measures, are expected to generate 31,000–36,000 jobs.

The Government parties have decided on measures to boost employment among people over the age of 55, promote working capacity and wellbeing at work, strengthen skills and improve protection in the event of restructuring. 

The Ministry of Finance has assessed the potential impact of these measures on employment and public finances. According to the assessment, the measures will provide employment for around 10,300 people. Employment is expected to increase by around 9,100 jobs by the end of 2029, with an additional temporary growth impact of around 1,200 jobs. 

Altogether, the proposed measures are estimated to strengthen public finances by approximately EUR 165 million. The costs to employers will increase by about EUR 10 million by 2029 compared to the current level.

During its term, the Government will take employment measures that will bolster the economy with the aim of achieving an employment-generating impact amounting to 80,000 new jobs. The Government will decide on the next set of employment measures in its mid-term policy review session.

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