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Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis appointed for the next term

Government Communications Department
21.3.2019 13.49 | Published in English on 17.4.2019 at 12.16
Press release 167/2019
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On Thursday 21 March, the Government appointed the Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis for the term 15 April 2019 to 14 April 2022. The first Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis was appointed for the three-year term that started in spring 2016.

Master of Laws Leila Kostiainen continues as the chairperson of Council. Previous members who continue for the next term are Senior Adviser Bo Harald, Professor Eva Liljeblom, Vice Managing Director Leena Linnainmaa and Professor Jyrki Tala. Professor Ulla Liukkunen and Professor, Research Director Mika Maliranta were appointed to the Council as new members.

The Finnish Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis is an autonomous and independent body that operates within the Prime Minister’s Office. The main task of Council is to improve the quality of impact assessments of government proposals and the culture of legislative drafting in general. The Council gives statements on impact assessments concerning government proposals at the drafting stage.

The establishment of the Council of Regulatory Impact Analysis was set down in the previous Government Programme. The term of the previous Council ended on 14 April 2019.

Council’s statements, Annual Reviews and other information is available on the Council’s website.

Inquiries: Arno Liukko, Senior Government Adviser, tel. +358 295 160 175, Prime Minister’s Office