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Minister Adlercreutz in Washington, DC: The strategic alliance between Europe and the United States is our strength and our duty

Government Communications Department
Publication date 24.1.2024 22.27 | Published in English on 25.1.2024 at 9.45
Press release
Ministeri Adlercreutz Washintonissa, taustalla USA:n kongressin rakennus

Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering Anders Adlercreutz visited Washington, DC on 20–24 January. The purpose of his visit was to present Finland’s views on topical issues related to cooperation between the United States and Europe and to promote bilateral relations between the United States and Finland.

The programme for the visit included several high-level meetings with representatives of US political parties and business leaders. Among others, Minister Adlercreutz met with Democratic Senator John Fetterman and Republican Senator Susan Collins. Adlercreutz’s discussions in the Senate focused on the close relations and alliances between Finland and the United States, which are now deeper than ever before. The discussions also emphasised the importance of supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s war of aggression. Ukraine is fighting for the entire free and rules-based world. 

“Ukraine deserves a just and lasting peace. We must support Ukraine’s peace plan, which presents conditions for making that a reality. It is crucial to ensure that the war does not end in a way that rewards Russia, the instigator of this illegal and brutal war of aggression. It is also in the interest of all of us to identify and counteract Russia’s false war propaganda,” said Minister Adlercreutz.

The discussions also highlighted the importance of the relationship between Europe and the United States, especially in today’s unstable world marked by crises.

“The relationship between Europe and the United States is very close and of great strategic importance. This relationship is underlined by our common values and interests. Together, we also have the most extensive and dynamic economic relations in the world,” Minister Adlercreutz said.

While in Washington, DC, Minister Adlercreutz had high-level meetings with representatives from Lockheed Martin International, Google and Microsoft.

Adlercreutz also attended a discussion event organised by the Wilson Center, which focused on Finland’s objectives in the EU and globally. In addition, the Minister attended a discussion event organised by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) on support for Ukraine, Europe’s challenges and transatlantic relations.

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