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Minister for European Affairs Tuppurainen and Irish Minister for European Affairs Byrne discuss EU measures to end Russia’s war of aggression

Government Communications Department
Publication date 13.4.2022 15.52 | Published in English on 13.4.2022 at 16.52
Press release 248/2022
Ministers Tuppurainen and Byrne standing on the front of a building

On Wednesday 13 April, Minister for European Affairs Tytti Tuppurainen travelled to Dublin, where she met with her colleague, Irish Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne, and attended a local meeting of heads of mission. The ministers’ discussions highlighted Europe’s support for Ukraine and the importance of the rule of law for the European Union.

The ministers stressed their joint view that the EU and its partners must continue to respond to Russia’s attack in a swift, decisive and unified manner. The EU must prepare its sixth package of sanctions without delay. The primary objective of all measures is to put an end to Russia’s illegal war of aggression in Ukraine.

The ministers also emphasised the role of strategic communications at the global level. It is important to counter the disinformation spread by Russia and tell the truth about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“Finland and Ireland are close partners. We share common values and a strong commitment to multilateral cooperation. Changes in the European security order brought on by the war of aggression launched by Russia affect all EU Member States. Finland is now discussing the conclusions we need to draw in this situation. In particular, we are exploring the possibility of seeking NATO membership. Ireland, for its part, is now assessing its long-term policy of neutrality. These discussions are of great value for both countries,” Minister Tuppurainen said.

In their discussion, the ministers noted that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has demonstrated the importance of work to promote the EU’s common values. The Union has managed to act with unprecedented speed, unity and efficiency. Common values lay the foundation for the Union’s resilience to crisis. Traditionally, Finland and Ireland have had very similar views on matters related to the rule of law.

The ministers also discussed the consequences of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement and its Northern Ireland Protocol must be respected. The EU must remain united and safeguard the integrity of the single market.

While in Dublin, Minister Tuppurainen also attended a meeting of heads of mission, where she gave an opening address and participated in a panel discussion on the role of smaller EU Member States in an uncertain world.
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