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Minister for European Affairs Tuppurainen discusses EU single market and security situation in Baltic Sea region during visit to Warsaw

Government Communications Department
Publication date 24.1.2022 20.47 | Published in English on 25.1.2022 at 10.57
Press release 32/2022

On Monday 24 January, Minister for European Affairs Tytti Tuppurainen made a visit to Warsaw, where she discussed a wide range of key EU issues with Polish Minister for European Affairs Konrad Szymański. Minister Tuppurainen also discussed the security situation in Europe with Secretary of State Paweł Soloch, who is Head of Poland’s National Security Bureau.

In their discussion, Ministers Tuppurainen and Szymański addressed topics including the EU’s objective of reducing emissions by 55 per cent by 2030 and ways to develop emissions trading in order to achieve this target. 

The discussion highlighted the fact that Finland and Poland have many similar objectives when it comes to developing the EU’s single market and international trade policy. Both countries consider it important to develop the single market, especially with regard to services and digitalisation.

The ministers also discussed the state of play concerning the rule of law. It is in the interest of all parties that rule of law issues can proceed in a constructive manner, respecting the EU’s basic values.

“Poland is a key partner for Finland. We work together closely on developing the single market and trade policy. Respect for the rule of law is a cornerstone of the EU and is essential for the functioning of the single market. An effective, competitive single market is in the interest of both of our countries,” Minister Tuppurainen said.

In their meeting, Minister Tuppurainen and Secretary of State Paweł Soloch, who is Head of Poland’s National Security Bureau, addressed the countries’ shared interest in the security of the Baltic Sea region. The discussion emphasised the importance of unity and coordination in the EU in the increasingly tense security situation and, for example, in the fight against disinformation spread by Russia. The notion of ‘spheres of influence’ in Europe as raised by Russia is naturally unacceptable.

The discussions also touched on the EU Strategic Compass, which is a tool for developing the comprehensive defence capabilities in the Union over the next 5–10 years. In Finland’s view, in addition to hard security, civilian crisis management and countering hybrid threats must also be taken into account in this work. 

“Finland and Poland share the objective of stability in the security environment in the Baltic Sea region. It is also in our common interest to strengthen the European Union. A united and strong EU as a security provider also benefits NATO,” Minister Tuppurainen said.

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