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Nordic prime ministers discussed COVID-19 crisis, green investments and security of supply

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28.10.2020 17.39 | Published in English on 28.10.2020 at 18.48
Press release 684/2020

On Wednesday 28 October, the Nordic prime ministers held a videoconference with representatives from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. At the meeting, which followed the high-level Nordic meetings held remotely on the previous day, the leaders discussed green investments from the perspective of sustainable recovery. The prime ministers adopted a declaration emphasising the importance of green investments and encouraging the private sector to prioritise them. At their meeting, the leaders also exchanged information and experiences on the current pandemic situation.

Already yesterday Prime Minister Sanna Marin told her colleagues more about the Finnish initiative that she first presented in June, which aims to intensify Nordic cooperation on preparedness and security of supply.
“It makes sense to work together to find ways to prepare for future crises. With this in mind, Finland also wants to intensify cooperation in the area of security of supply,” said Prime Minister Marin.
Finland aims to develop work on preparedness and security of supply next year, when it takes on leading role in a variety of Nordic cooperation forums during its Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Achieving this objective will require long-term, cross-sectoral cooperation involving ministries, other authorities and the business community. 
On 27 October, the evening before the prime ministers’ meeting, the prime ministers and the MPs on the Nordic Council held a video conversation with UN Secretary-General António Guterres. In her speech at the meeting, Prime Minister Marin underlined the importance of a well-functioning and effective UN system in responding to global challenges such as pandemics.

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