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President and Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy discuss EU security and defence cooperation, EU crisis management, Russia and Defence Forces’ exercises

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8.10.2021 13.16 | Published in English on 8.10.2021 at 17.29
Press release 581/2021

In their meeting on Friday 8 October 2021, the President of the Republic and the Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy agreed that Finland would participate in the EU military crisis management training mission in Mozambique with a maximum of five staff officers.

They also discussed the Defence Forces’ plan concerning participation in international exercises in 2022. The Ministry of Defence will approve the Defence Forces’ plan based on the guidelines presented by the President and the Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy, after having first informed the Defence Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament. The Ministry of Defence will provide more detailed information on the content of the Defence Forces’ plan for participation in international exercises once the plan has been approved. 

The President and the Ministerial Committee discussed the Strategic Compass on EU security and defence cooperation for the coming years, which focuses in particular on developing the EU’s crisis management, resilience, capabilities and partnerships.

The meeting also discussed current issues concerning Russia.

In addition, the President and the Committee held a preparatory discussion on the priorities of civilian and military intelligence for 2022.

Inquiries: Tanja Jääskeläinen, Acting Director General, tel. +358 295 350 303, Marja Liivala, Director General (Russia), tel. +358 295 351 727, Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Janne Kuusela, Deputy Director General, tel. +358 295 140 206, Harri Ohra-aho, Ministerial Adviser (military intelligence), tel. +358 295 140 039, Ministry of Defence; Petri Knape, Director of the National Security Unit (civilian intelligence), tel. +358 295 488 235, Ministry of the Interior.