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Prime Minister Marin announces Finland’s global gender equality measures in Paris

Government Communications Department
Publication date 30.6.2021 19.41
Press release 425/2021
Photo: Nikolai Jakobsen

Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced Finland’s commitments to promote global equality at a summit that began in Paris on 30 June. The Generation Equality Forum is organised by the French President Emmanuel Macron, Mexico and the UN.

The Generation Equality Forum is the beginning of a five-year Generation Equality campaign coordinated by UN Women to advance global gender equality. The campaign has six Action Coalitions. Finland is one of the leaders of the Action Coalition that focuses on technology and innovation for gender equality.

Finland and other Generation Equality participants published their own commitments for achieving jointly agreed equality goals in Paris today.

Finland is committed to bridging the gender gap in technology education and working life and creating safe online environments by addressing gender-based violence online, for example. In addition, more funding will be allocated to new innovations and technological solutions will be introduced more widely to support healthcare. Finland also joins UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund, in joint commitments. Finland supports the work of other Action Coalitions through commitments that promote sexual and reproductive health and eradicate online violence.

Finland will support the goals of the Generation Equality campaign by a total of EUR 150 million. 

Prime Minister Marin, who spoke at the opening event of the Generation Equality Forum, stressed the need to use technology to promote equality.
“We need everyone on board in our efforts to promote equality, both women and men. A society that is good for women and girls is a good society for everyone. This conviction has made my country’s success possible,” Prime Minister Marin said in her speech.

“My generation knows what great opportunities technology can present for us. But technology can only bring about progress on equality where it is available. Only together can we close the digital gender gap, create safe digital spaces and ensure an equal future for the benefit of all”, Prime Minister Marin continued.
Generation Equality is a multi-stakeholder campaign that implements gender equality action plans in cooperation with governments, companies, organisations and youth movements. A number of organisations in Finland have already joined the campaign, which invites all to make commitments to promote equality throughout the campaign period.
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