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Study on structures to support continuous learning based on international benchlearning published

Government analysis, assessment and research activitiesMinistry of Education and Culture
26.2.2019 11.00
Press release 123/2019

The study on continuous learning investigates the means used in certain countries with advanced technologies that may be considered key reference countries for Finland to react to the transformation of work and to develop the structures for continuous learning. According to the report published on 26 February, means used in other countries to promote continuous learning include common action programmes, renewal of the provision of education and teaching, and testing of financial incentives targeted to individuals, such as education vouchers.

The study describes the systems for continuous learning in Denmark, Ireland, South Korea, the Netherlands and Singapore. The structures and procedures in support of continuous learning in Finland were not analysed. The results of the study are based on literature, interviews with Finnish and international education professionals, and expert workshops.

Several countries have developed multi-channel financing for continuous learning and support for individual learning opportunities based on various kinds of education accounts and vouchers. Based on the results of the comparisons, it could also be useful for Finland to test similar financing models in order to better target the financing to individuals.

In other countries continuous learning has been promoted through the introduction of digital innovations such as open platforms or by renewing the cooperation between working life and the providers or education and teaching.

Other countries have also improved the long-term strategic planning of continuous learning and created implementation structures to support this. Support for continuous learning should be duly taken into account in the upcoming social security reform.

Various kinds of taxation incentives have also been widely used in the reference countries. The report suggests that Finland should consider tax deductions relating to education from the perspective of continuous learning as well.

This publication is part of the implementation of the Government’s plan for analysis, assessment and research in 2018 ( The study was conducted by Owal Group n cooperation with 4Front.

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