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State to provide EUR 18.5 million in capital to FinnHEMS Oy

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry of Social Affairs and Health
27.10.2020 16.51 | Published in English on 30.10.2020 at 11.19
Press release 680

In its plenary session on 15 October 2020, the Government decided that it would provide capital to FinnHEMS Oy in the form of state-owned shares totalling up to EUR 18.5 million. On 27 October 2020, the state transferred 389,637 Neste Corporation shares with a total value of approximately EUR 18.5 million to FinnHEMS Oy in equity financing.

This represents about 0.05 per cent of all Neste shares and voting rights. As a result of the share transfer, the combined ownership and voting share of the state and State Business Development Company Vake Oy in Neste Corporation decreased from 44.27 per cent to 44.22 per cent.

FinnHEMS Oy, which operates under the ownership steering of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, is a national medical helicopter operator wholly owned by the State of Finland.  

Inquiries:  Ismo Tuominen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, [email protected], +358 295 163 341, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and Ilpo Nuutinen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, [email protected], +358 295 160 145, Prime Minister's Office.