The self-governing region of the Åland Islands is an autonomous Swedish-speaking region of Finland

  • Åland consists of 6,757 islands, 60 of which are inhabited
  • The population is just over 30,000, of which 40 per cent lives in the capital of Marienhamn 
  • The total area of Åland (land and sea) is 13,300 km², while its land area is 1,553 km² 
  • There are 16 municipalities 
  • The economy is based on shipping (40 per cent), trade and tourism
  • The national day, which is called Autonomy Day, is celebrated on 9 June
  • Åland’s Parliament held its first session 9 June 1922

The only official language in Åland is Swedish. This means that Swedish is used by regional, municipal and state authorities when communicating in and with Åland. 

Åland is a demilitarised region, meaning that there may be no military presence in the region and the islands may not be fortified. Åland is also neutralised and must therefore be kept outside the threat of war in the event of conflict.

Information about the government

Timeline of the history of Åland