Administrative branch and special assignments

The Prime Minister's Office is one of the twelve ministries that form the Finnish Government. It is responsible for the planning of social policy legislation that does not fall within the competence of any other ministry.

Another duty of the Prime Minister's Office is to assist the Prime Minister and the Government in their work and provide services to the public and public authorities.

The Prime Minister's Office also carries out administrative duties related to a number of projects involving both permanent and ad-hoc bodies.


The mandate of the Prime Minister’s Office covers:

  • assisting the Prime Minister in the general management of the Government and in duties to coordinate Government work with that of Parliament;
  • coordinating the preparation and consideration of matters decided by the European Union and horizontal and institutional matters of key importance to the development of the European Union;
  • providing Government communications services and coordinating communications activities within the state administration;
  • organisation of the government and the general conditions for the proper functioning of its activities; 
  • general ownership policy regarding state majority-owned companies and state associated companies;
  • coordinating the objectives of the state’s sectoral research in support of decision-making;
  • government situation awareness, preparedness and security services together with coordination relating to management of incidents and emergencies;
  • steering, development and coordination of joint operational and financial planning, procurement, financial and human resources management, human resources development and travel administration of the government and its ministries;
  • joint information management (including ICT services of the diplomatic missions of the Foreign Service), archiving and document management together with related steering, development and coordination of systems compatibility and good information management practises of the government and its ministries;
  • development and coordination of the joint web service and internal web communications of the government and its ministries;
  • premises of the government and its ministries; and
  • joint internal services of the government and its ministries.