Arctic cooperation

Arctic cooperation takes place on various levels. A key body in Arctic cooperation in Finland is the Arctic Advisory Board appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office, which brings together the main Finnish actors in the Arctic affairs. The task of the Advisory Board is to support and strengthen Finland’s Arctic policy, promote the realisation of its objectives, raise awareness of the Arctic questions, and clarify and refine our Arctic identity.

The Advisory Board discusses issues relating to the international Arctic policy on a regular basis, including Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and the Arctic policy of the EU. The Advisory Board is chaired by the State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Besides the Arctic Council, the key international cooperation bodies include the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and Barents Regional Council.

Interest in the Arctic affairs is growing within the European Union as well. The activities of the Nordic Council of Ministers also support the work of the Arctic Council. Finland has bilateral Arctic partnerships with Norway and Russia.

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