Arctic Finland

Finland is and has always been an Arctic country. Arctic means much more than just geographical location far in the north. It means knowledge and creativity, a high standard of living, functioning infrastructure, values of life resting upon pure nature, and ability to solve various kinds of problems.

In Finland the Arctic aspects are present everywhere in the society, even if the Finns may not always notice this. Being Arctic is a way of life that derives from the riches of the northern natural environment. Finnish design and architecture have been inspired by nature, light and darkness.  Arctic produce also include silence, pure air and the gifts of forests and waters.

Truly different seasons highlight the adaptability of our society to the Arctic conditions. Powerful natural phenomena have boosted creativity and resilience. High level of education, basic security, Nordic democracy, and the principles of the rule of law and equality are the basic pillars of the Finnish society.

The Arctic character also means growth and competitiveness for Finland especially in the cleantech and bioeconomy sectors. The particular expertise also enables tourism of a considerable scale in the Arctic Finland. In all our actions we respect the natural environment and indigenous peoples.

Today’s expertise comprises digitalisation, innovation and high-tech applications. Robotisation and artificial intelligence may be the means of tomorrow for solving Arctic problems. The Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities include Arctic studies as well. Finnish universities and research institutes are conducting a lot of research and education on Arctic affairs in different fields of science.

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