Finland’s Strategy for Arctic Policy

The Strategy for Arctic Policy highlights Finland’s key objectives in the Arctic region and outlines the main priorities for achieving them. Finland’s Strategy for Arctic Policy was updated in 2021.

The strategy has been drawn up in line with the objectives set in the Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government. The strategy covers around two parliamentary terms and extends until 2030. The previous Arctic strategy was adopted in 2013.

The priorities of the new strategy are:

  1. Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  2. Inhabitants (promotion of welfare and the rights of the Sámi as an indigenous people)
  3. Arctic expertise (livelihoods and top research)
  4. Infrastructure and logistics

Finland is an Arctic country and one of the eight permanent members of the Arctic Council. Through close cooperation, sustainable development goals relevant to this region can be attained and, in combination with global measures, the advancement of climate change and its harmful impacts can be mitigated.

Finland’s goal is a peaceful Arctic region marked by constructive cooperation. It is therefore important to avoid increasing tensions and conflict potential.

Read the full strategy

Read the full strategy

Finland’s Strategy for Arctic Policy is available in full in the Institutional Repository for the Government (Valto). Image: Harri Tarvainen / Visit Finland

Finland's Strategy for Arctic Policy