Education, inequality, climate, work and peace sparked debate at the Sustainable Development Now and in Future event

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Press release 279/2019

This year, the themes of the Sustainable Development and Future event were examined through the eyes of young people. The pivotal themes of the day’s programme and presentations on 29 May were education, inequality, climate, work and peace. The event was attended by a large number of representatives from organisations, industry, municipalities, government and research.

Professor Eeva Furman, Chair of the Finnish Expert Panel on Sustainable Development, pointed out that although countries, cities and companies have drawn up plans for implementing the 2030 Agenda, little progress has been made towards the sustainable development goals.

“Now it would be important to achieve a breakthrough in the central acute areas of sustainable development, to which all the goals relate. These include food and energy systems, economic models guiding the consumption and production processes, and urban development,” Furman emphasised in her address. Furman is a member of a group of scientists who have written a report evaluating the implementation of the global goals, to be published in September.

In his talk, Professor Arto O Salonen focused on the renewal of learning and how people can grow to their full height. Salonen remarked that there is a shift in lifestyles and social structures all over the world, which will help to bring about carbon neutrality by 2050.

“Someone will build the solutions. Finns can lead the way, if so desired. The solution-finder has good reasons to wake up to a new day,” Salonen said.

Exemplary commitments for action were also recognised at the event. With concrete and creative commitments for action, the various parties pledge to promote the implementation of the national goals for sustainable development. The S Group was awarded for the most influential commitment of the year, while the Martha Organization and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Häme were recognised for inclusive implementation and innovation.

The of Sustainable Development Week has inspired many parties to make new commitments for action. Among others, the Finnish Newspapers Association, the Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association and IAB Finland, in their commitment, invited the entire media and marketing field to develop and support young people’s literacy and skills in the digitalising and increasingly complex world.

This year, responsibility for the content and arrangements of the event Sustainable Development Now and in Future rested with Fingo, the Children and Youth Foundation, and Sitra in cooperation with numerous organisations and the Prime Minister’s Office.

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