The Winter War began 80 years ago today
State leadership will pause to listen to church bells marking the advent of peace after the war

Government Communications Department 13.3.2020 8.41 | Published in English on 13.3.2020 at 12.08
Press release 135/2020

Today, on 13 March 2020, exactly 80 years will have passed since the end of the Winter War. Bells will ring out in all of Finland’s Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic churches at 10.55–11.00 today. The ringing of the bells will commemorate the exact moment when the war ended.

On the steps of Helsinki Cathedral 105 candles will be lit – one for each day of the Winter War, which began on 30 November 1939. President Sauli Niinistö and the members of Government who have gathered for the presidential session will take a moment of silence to listen to the ringing of the bells on the balcony of the Government Palace.

The young people are pupils from three schools in Helsinki: Norsen, Kruununhaka and Kulosaari.

Commemoration of the end of the Winter War at Helsinki Cathedral and coffee at Senate Square have been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Government Communications Department will share photos of the event on the Government Flickr account. 

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