In line with the Government Programme of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, national sectoral research institutes will be combined into larger entities.

The division of responsibilities in basic research between universities and sectoral research institutes will be clarified, enabling in turn the transfer of tasks relating to basic research to universities; cooperation between the institutes and universities will be stepped up.

The administrative status of the Research and Innovation Council will remain unchanged, while the Council will be given a stronger role in coordinating the targeting of sectoral research and in national research infrastructure policy.

The objectives of the state’s sectoral research are coordinated by the Prime Minister's Office. The resources for legal policy research will be increased in connection with the structural reform of sectoral research. Baltic Sea research will be organised to meet the existing challenges by ensuring the resources of marine research and compiling them into a multidisciplinary system.

To that end, the Research and Innovation Council appointed on 15 December 2011 an expert group to prepare a proposal for the comprehensive reform of the state research institute sector.

The expert group was tasked with preparing a proposal for a model to be employed in the structural reform of the state research institute sector, while strengthening the steering of research institutes, reforming their funding and improving the targeting of resources in accordance with the needs of society. In September 2012, the group submitted its proposal to the Research and Innovation Council chaired by the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday 10 October 2012, the Government discussed further work on the overall reform of research institutes and research funding in its evening session. It decided that, after having consulted relevant actors, the Government will give a resolution to set out the reform and its central measures. According to the Government, the goal is for research to function as a strategic resource for decision-making and society's development. The comprehensive reform was set to be carried out in 2013–2016 (the revised timetable now covers 2014–2017). The government evening session appointed a ministerial group for the preparation of the reform. The Prime Minister's Office sent the expert group report for consultation and it received 77 opinions by set deadline, 15 November 2012.

  • State research institutes and research funding: Proposal for a comprehensive reform
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On 5 September 2013, the Government adopted a resolution on the overall reform of research institutes and research funding. The Government resolution is based on the policy agreed by the government evening session of 10 October 2012.

  • Government Resolution on Comprehensive Reform of State Research Institutes and Research Funding