Communications in incidents and emergencies

Within the government, the Prime Minister's Office is responsible for the general coordination of disturbances. The authority in charge of the situation must ensure consistent communications – both internally and in good cooperation with the other actors involved. If the scope of the situation extends to several branches of government or requires Government level measures, the Prime Minister's Office may take a coordination role in communications. The administrative branches managing the situation must ensure that the Government Communications Department and other cooperation partners involved have access to up-to-date and adequate information on any implemented or planned communications activities.

Even during emergencies, central government communications is based on the legislation for normal conditions, which is supplemented by certain provisions in the Emergency Powers Act and the State of Defence Act. The general principle is that the direct management of central government communications is vested in the Prime Minister’s Office. As a rule, each branch of government is responsible for enhanced communications within its own field of operations. Preparedness is raised and capacity is heightened as steadily as possible when the situation becomes more severe.