Work supported by scientific panel on population policy


On 28 May 2020, the Prime Minister's Office appointed a scientific panel on population policy consisting of ten researchers from different disciplines.
The members of the panel were appointed based on a proposal from the Consortium of State Research Institutions Tulanet, Universities Finland UNIFI and the Sofi initiative led by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The term of the scientific panel ends on 31 January 2021.
The scientific panel engages in dialogue with the principal investigator and participates in meetings with the steering group. The panel members will produce brief overviews on the theme and present assessments of policy recommendations on how to adapt to the changes in demographic structure and ensure sustainable demographic development.

Members of the scientific panel

  • Professor Marja Jylhä (Chair)
  • Research Professor Mika Gissler
  • Senior Researcher Marika Jalovaara
  • Associate Professor Marjut Jyrkiäinen
  • Professor Teppo Kröger
  • Professor Ismo Linnosmaa
  • Professor Jouko Miettunen
  • Professor Mikko Myrskylä
  • Research Professor Ari Väänänen
  • Professor Eva Österbacka.

The panel members have been appointed based on their personal expertise and do not represent their organisations or lobbying groups.