Data protection information for participants in Teams meetings

The Government uses the Teams cloud service provided by Microsoft to organise meetings. When you attend a Government Teams meeting, please turn off your camera and microphone before joining the meeting. The image below shows which options to select so that your camera and microphone will be switched off.

As Microsoft is a global operator, the protection of personal data in Teams does not necessary comply with the requirements of Finnish and EU legislation. During a Teams meeting, you should neither discuss, post or present information that is to be kept secret, nor anything related to someone’s private life or use of services provided by the Government.

The meeting organiser may decide to record the meeting for a special reason of public interest, such as the need for the training or press conference to be viewed after it is over. Not all meetings are recorded. The organiser will inform the participants of any recording, the purpose of the recording and the data storage period of the recording at the beginning of the meeting. Text will also appear at the top of the meeting window indicating that recording is in progress.

The recording may contain the following personal data: your profile picture, if you have one; video, if you have your camera on; audio, if you have your microphone on; and any comments you may have entered in the chat.

Teams data protection information – Prime Minister’s Office