Economic Council meetings


24 January: The EU's global role and topical issues


22 November: Global change factors for economic and industrial policy
27 September: Current state of the economy and government’s fiscal policy
22 February: The development needs of the general government fiscal framework


5 October: Energy crisis and the policy response
7 September: Economic outlook
1 June: Ecologically sustainable economic policy in the 2020s - The conference organised by the Economic Council
27 April: Geoeconomic trends and Finland
2 March: Economic outlook and ECB's monetary policy  
25 January: Reform of the EU fiscal policy framework


1 December: EU climate package
20 October: Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on value chains and cyclical sensitivity of the economy
15 September: Current issues in monetary policy
3 March: Climate policy, sustainable growth and employment
1 January: Economy after the crises  


18 November: Demographic report
21 October: Trends in international corporate taxation
24 September: Just transition to a carbon-neutral society - The joint meeting with The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development and the Climate Policy Roundtable
10 June: Monetary policy and economic outlook
5 February: Development of global value chains and implications for Finland


27 November: Alternative paths to carbon neutrality
23 October: Causes and economic impacts of the declining birth rate Causes and economic impacts of the declining birth rate
3 September: Current state of the economy and establishing priorities for the Economic Council