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Finland in the European Union

Finland is one of the 27 EU Member States and has 14 representatives in the European Parliament. The ministers in the Finnish Government are also part of the Council of the European Union. Finland has a representative in the European Commission.

The basic principles of Finland’s EU policy are presented in the Government Report on EU Policy. The report was published in January 2021 and is based on the priorities set for EU policy in the Government Programme. Finland aims at a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable European Union that is the world’s most competitive and socially inclusive climate-neutral economy.

The Report on EU Policy highlights the need to strengthen the Union’s resilience to crisis in all EU activities. It also highlights the importance of the EU’s common values and equality, global developments such as climate change and digitalisation, and strengthening the Union’s position on the world stage.

Finland is a proactive and cooperative EU Member State that strives for solutions generating European added value and for the unity and transparency of the EU. A constructive and positive EU policy is also the best way to promote our national goals.

The Government Report on EU Policy 2021