Finland's EU policy

The basic stance of Finland’s EU policy is to further develop the European Union and to promote growth, stability and security in Europe. Finland is an active, pragmatic and results-oriented EU Member State.

Finland’s EU policy priorities are to promote common values, growth and competitiveness and effective regulation, to strengthen the EU’s external and internal security and to respond to migration.

Finland’s EU policy also underlines the importance of strengthening the Union’s resilience to crisis and developing its ability to both respond to and benefit from global trends, such as climate change and digitalisation.  

Current issues

Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland
Finland will update its Recovery and Resilience Plan

30.6.2022 12.37
Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland.
Finland's share of funding from the EU's Recovery and Resilience Facility will decrease to EUR 1.8 billion at current prices, because Finland’s economy has developed better than forecast. Finland will receive a total of EUR 2.6 billion at current prices from the programmes in the EU's recovery plan (NextGenerationEU). The Ministerial Working Group on Sustainable Growth in Finland has outlined how Finland's Recovery and Resilience Plan will be updated to reflect this change.

Just Transition Fund to mitigate effects of reduced peat energy use in Finland – Proposed programme now out for comments

27.6.2022 10.28
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment requests opinions on the proposed programme, regional transition plans and environmental report of the Just Transition Fund (JTF). The Fund mitigates the socio-economic and environmental effects that decarbonisation causes to regional economies and employment in the EU. In Finland, funding will be directed at the reform of the economic structure and measures to support employment in areas most affected by the reduction in the use of peat for energy.

European Council discussed economic issues

24.6.2022 16.56
EU-johtajat istuvat Eurooppa-neuvoston kokoushuoneessa Brysselissä
EU leaders discussed economic issues on 24 June, the second day of the European Council meeting. They also met for a Euro Summit.

Summary of the ‘We are Europe’ series of events

Summary of the ‘We are Europe’ series of events

In autumn 2021 and at the start of 2022, Finnish ministers toured Finland to listen to people’s ideas and hopes for the future of Europe.

Summary report