Finland's EU policy

The basic stance of Finland’s EU policy is to further develop the European Union and to promote growth, stability and security in Europe. Finland is an active, pragmatic and results-oriented EU Member State.

Finland’s EU policy priorities are to promote common values, growth and competitiveness and effective regulation, to strengthen the EU’s external and internal security and to respond to migration.

Finland’s EU policy also underlines the importance of strengthening the Union’s resilience to crisis and developing its ability to both respond to and benefit from global trends, such as climate change and digitalisation.  

  • Finland in the European Union »

    According to Finland's EU policy outline, a stronger, more unified and fairer Union would best serve the interests of Finland and its citizens.

  • EU affairs and the Finnish government »

    Main responsibility for the preparation, monitoring and determination of Finland's position in affairs relating to the European Union rests with the relevant ministries.

  • EU climate package »

    It is the EU’s objective to be climate neutral by 2050. In July 2021, the European Commission presented the EU climate package, the so-called ‘Fit for 55 Package’, which will help the EU reach its emissions reduction target for 2030.

  • Information about Brexit »

    We have grouped together information about Brexit and the future EU-UK relationship. These pages offer information on the negotiation process and the withdrawal agreement.

European Council, Council of the EU and informal meetings

European Council, Council of the EU and informal meetings

The meeting calendar of the Council of the European Union and the European Council list all formal and informal meetings of ministers and the materials of the meetings as well as pictures, videos and live broadcasts of meetings.

EU meeting calendar