Government Report on EU Policy: A stronger, more unified and fairer EU benefits Finland

On 13 June, the Government adopted a report on EU policy which sets out the Government's EU policy objectives and provides the Government's response to questions about the EU's future.

Finland is committed to the single currency, strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union and supporting closer integration. Respect for the rule of law throughout the Union, which is also to be reflected in the daily lives of the citizens, is among Finland's key development areas. With the intensifying global competition, increased attention should be placed on measures that strengthen the Member States' potential for growth and competitiveness. At the same time, special importance must be attached to employment and well-being. Other Finnish priorities include efforts to strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union, develop a common energy policy, combat climate change, promote the free movement of people, enhance the Union's external actions and foster enlargement.

Government Report on EU Policy