In the 2020 budget, appropriations under the main title of the Prime Minister's Office amount to EUR 219 million. Appropriations for the Prime Minister’s Office’s operating expenses total EUR 124.4 million. The sum also covers the shared administrative and service functions of the Government and its ministries. A total of EUR 35.6 million will be used for subsidies to political parties.

Other Prime Minister’s Office expenditures include the salaries and travel expenses of ministers and special advisers, the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities, value-added tax expenditures, acquisitions of shares, and expenditures related to the awarding of orders and decorations. The operating appropriations of the Prime Minister's Office also cover the operating expenses of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice.

Financial planning

As part of a joint planning system within the Finnish state administration, the planning of the PMO operations and finances consist of a four-year operating and financial plan, a spending limits plan, an annual draft budget, supplementary budgets and an annual performance plan.

With regard to budgetary monitoring, the most important document is the financial accounts. The PMO annual report and the Government Annual Report describe the PMO's performance and achievement of the set targets. The PMO financial statements also provide information on the Office of the Chancellor of Justice as it makes part of the same accounting office.

Invoicing information

E-invoicing information 2020