Finland’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

On 30 December 2015, the Government made a decision to update the Government Report on the Challenges of the Baltic Sea and on Baltic Sea Policy. Following this, the Government appointed a steering group representing different ministries on 24 October 2016 to prepare the updating of the Government Baltic Sea report and to develop and coordinate national maritime policy.

The Government steering group for the Baltic Sea region and integrated maritime policy decided to update the report published in 2009 and rename it ‘Finland’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region’. The review draws on the example set by the update of Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region. 

The Government endorsed Finland’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in its plenary session on 2 November 2017. The Strategy sets out a vison for Finland’s objectives to develop the Baltic Sea region. Under the vision, a clean Baltic Sea and viable marine biodiversity are secured and constitute a sustainably utilised resource. The Baltic Sea region will increase its competencies and make use of its resources, serving as a frontrunner in sustainable development. The Strategy specifies the direction Finland plans to take in the near future to develop the Baltic Sea region internationally, in EU policy, in regional co-operation and in Finland’s own policies and action. 

Finland's Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region