Finland’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

The Government endorsed Finland’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in its plenary session on 2 November 2017. The Strategy sets out a vision for Finland’s objectives to develop the Baltic Sea region. The vision is that a clean Baltic Sea and its viable marine environment have been secured and are sustainably utilised as a resource. The Baltic Sea region will further build its competence and make use of its resources, serving as a trailblazer in sustainable development. The strategy specifies how Finland plans to develop the Baltic Sea region in the near future internationally, in EU policy, in regional cooperation, and through Finland’s own policies and actions.

Contact details

Jussi Soramäki, Senior Adviser, EU Affairs 
Prime Minister's Office, EU-asioiden osasto, EU-politiikkayksikkö 0295160330  

Vuokko Ranki, projektiavustaja 
UM, Ulkoministeriö, Eurooppa-osasto (EUR), Pohjoisen Euroopan yksikkö (EUR-10) 0295351736