Foresight activities and work on the future

Climate change, an ageing population and technological development are transforming Finland and changing its outlook for the future. Many other social, technological, economic, environmental and political changes are also affecting our operating environment.

Finland needs to prepare for the future and the uncertainty it brings. The Government’s foresight activities aim to support decision-making by creating a shared understanding of the changes that lie ahead. Cooperation and wide-ranging participation are integral to the Government’s work on the future.

Foresight is not about predicting the future – it is about exploring different possible paths for future development and identifying the opportunities and challenges they might present.

Current issues

Government decides on ways to enhance Finland’s ability to exert advance influence in the EU

25.1.2024 14.59
On photo flags of the EU
In its plenary session on Thursday 25 January, the Government decided on ways to exert advance influence on projects under preparation in the EU. In line with the Government Programme, the Government aims to speed up the formulation of Finland’s positions and improve the effectiveness of Finland’s influencing efforts at the EU level more generally.

Minister Essayah to attend Agriculture Ministers’ Conference in Berlin

19.1.2024 14.02
On 20 January, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Sari Essayah will attend the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture of political decision-makers, organised by Germany in Berlin.

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