Foresight phase

For the first time, a separate foresight phase was linked to the preparation of the Government Report on the Future, aimed at finding new directions for Finland in a new way.

The foresight phase was implemented in collaboration between the Prime Minister’s Office, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Academy of Finland, and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, alongside a host of independent specialists and experts from research institutions, enterprises and NGOs. In addition, discussions were held on the website of the Government Report on the Future at and at seven locations in Finland in the autumn of 2012. In these, citizens were urged to come forward with ideas, and to discuss and ponder Finland’s future and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Completed in February 2013, the report on the foresight phase assembles views on the direction Finland might take, based on discussions between experts at different forums and events. The foresight was divided into the themes identified, during the preparatory stage, as essential to sustainable growth and well-being:

  • public administration as an enabler
  • business renewal
  • working life in the future
  • opportunities from scarcity
  • citizens’ wellbeing and inclusion
  • a new geography for the North

In addition, the following cross-cutting themes were examined: competences and capabilities, changes brought about by the digital economy, globalisation and flexibility, and resilience in the face of crisis. An abundance of other foresight material is available. The Government Report on the Future presents those viewpoints considered significant in terms of the content it sets out to cover, rather than describing all of the foresight material on hand, or reprising the entire Foresight Report Future 2030.

The drawing up of the Government Report on the Future was based on the findings of the foresight phase and it included a wide consultation of ministries, youth organisations, interest groups, NGOs, regional councils and future researches.