EU-wide Foresight Network

One of the European Commission’s objectives is to develop foresight work in the EU. The Commission aims to integrate strategic foresight into policymaking and to create the conditions for EU policies that are prepared and equipped for future changes.

With this objective in mind, the Commission established the EU-wide Foresight Network, which began its work in May 2021. 

The network brings together competence and foresight expertise from all Member States and the European Commission. Its members work together on forward-looking issues relevant to Europe’s future and support the development of public administration foresight capabilities in the EU and its Member States. The aim is to create synergies in foresight work at the national and EU level. 

The network consists of two levels: the Ministers for the Future appointed by the Member States and a network of senior officials from national administrations. Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering Tytti Tuppurainen represents Finland in the network. 

The Commission publishes a Strategic Foresight Report every year. A Government report on the Commission’s first Strategic Foresight Report, on which the Parliamentary Committee for the Future has just issued its statement, was submitted to Parliament in autumn 2020. By establishing the network, the Commission aims to make strategic foresight an integral part of the Better Regulation toolbox, including ex ante impact assessments.

Finland is a leader in foresight activities in the EU

Finland continuously develops the systematic use of foresight activities and work on the future in its national strategic preparation. In line with the Government Programme, the Government uses foresight and research data to support its strategic decision-making.

Finland has been developing its foresight work for 30 years, making it a leader in foresight activities in the EU. The Committee for the Future was established in 1993, and the first Report on the Future was submitted that same year.

Finland’s national foresight system is a prime example of the Commission’s vision for strategic foresight.

Photo: Ari-Pekka Darth / Visit Finland