The ministries’ joint foresight activities

Foresight activities are carried out in several ministries. All ministries are involved in the ministries’ joint foresight working group, which

  • coordinates the Government’s joint foresight work,
  • acts as a disseminator of foresight information and a forum for communication within the Government, and
  • provides a cooperation network for ministries in preparing the Government Report on the Future.

Representatives from the ministries also work together with experts in their administrative branches and networks. The first part of the Report on the Future is prepared under the leadership of the foresight working group.

The working group also prepares ministry-specific futures reviews once per electoral term. The reviews are intended for future governments and to support the preparation of the Government Programme. The Government has been drawing up reports on the future since 2003.

In addition, many ministries and administrative branches carry out foresight activities to suit the needs of a specific field, such as education or the labour market. A Secretariat assigned to the Prime Minister’s Office supports and coordinates the work of the foresight working group.

Futures reviews 2021

The ministries draw up futures reviews once per electoral term. Public officials prepare the reviews under the leadership of the ministries’ permanent secretaries. The reviews assess projections and situations in society and examine issues involving political decision-making. The aim is to generate public debate and provide information in support of government formation talks.

The ministries will begin preparing their next futures reviews in autumn 2021.

Futures reviews 2018 on the Finnish website

Opportunities for Finland report

Opportunities for Finland is a joint outlook of the Permanent Secretaries of the ministries on the key questions for the upcoming 2019–2023 government term. The report was published in 2019.
Possibilities for Finland

Opportunities for Finland

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