Glossaries and guidance

The Prime Minister's Office compiles multilingual glossaries on government terminology. Glossaries are usually the product of multilingual terminology projects carried out by language specialists in cooperation with experts from different administrative branches.

The projects typically run for 1-3 years and the resulting glossaries cover between 150 and 900 concepts. Equivalents in selected languages, definitions, explanations and notes on usage are given, together with concept diagrams illustrating the relationship between the concepts concerned.

To support the work of the government translators, glossaries are also compiled on topical issues. These usually provide equivalents in two or three languages, together with explanations and examples of usage. 

Guides such as the English Style Guide, the Guide to Translating Finnish Statutes into English and Treaties into Finnish and the Government Guidelines on Translating and Writing for Twitter help translators, revisors and authors of government texts. Other guidance is issued to help resolve various language problems encountered in translating or writing in English. Even translation memories containing government texts are freely available.

Guidance related to Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU (1 July to 31 December 2019) is presented below.

Finnish Government Termbank Valter

Most glossaries are published in the Finnish Government Termbank Valter:

  • Local Government Glossary (fi-sv-en)
  • Finnish Military Ranks (fi-sv-en-fr-ru)
  • Climate and Energy Glossary (fi-en). Climate and Energy Glossary as pdf
  • Parliamentary Glossary (fi-sv-en-se-de-es-et-fr-ru)
  • Labour Market Glossary (fi-sv-en-de-fr)
  • Higher Education Glossary (fi-sv-en-de-fr-es-ru)
  • Finnish Government Glossary (fi-sv-en-da-de-el-es-et-fr-it-nl-pt-ru)
  • Taxation Glossary (fi-sv-en-de-fr). Taxation Glossary as pdf
  • Glossary of Court Terms (fi-sv-en-de-fr)

Other glossaries

In addition to the other glossaries listed below, our Finnish website provides information and links (in Finnish only) to more useful glossaries, guidance and translation memories as well as to glossaries compiled by other government agencies and public bodies.

Material related to Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU