Current issues

Information on current issues is provided in the form of ministries' press releases, decisions taken by the presidential and government sessions, webcasts from the prime minister's and the government's press conferences, news pictures and pictures of the ministers, and the Government Media Service intended for the use of the media.

The front page of the website plays an important role in this as it brings together news from all ministries. The Government information system on ministers has a search function for information on all Finnish governments, their compositions and their ministers.

Out of the social media channels, the Communications Department currently uses Twitter for providing information on the ministries' press releases, the prime minister's and the government's programme, and other topical issues. Twitter and Facebook are used for providing information on vacancies within the EU. The government image bank, Instagram and Flickr provide access to pictures.

Press conferences and other government activities are webcast live on the Government website. Recordings of the events are available via the government on-line television.