Ownership steering by the State

The State owns several Finnish companies. Ownership steering refers to the responsible and professional management of the State’s shareholdings. The goal of ownership steering is to achieve a long-term increase in ownership value.

Ownership steering is based on the Limited Liability Companies Act and the principles of good governance. The Ownership Steering Department of the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for developing and coordinating ownership steering activities across the Government.

Current issues

State aims to safeguard electricity production in all conditions

21.9.2022 8.49
Minister Tuppurainen at the Hall of State in Parliament.
In 2017, Fortum’s Board of Directors decided that the company would become a major shareholder in the German energy company Uniper SE. With the acquisition, Fortum became the third-largest producer of emission-free electricity in the EU. At the same time, the company’s business activities expanded to include fossil energy production and commodities trading in Central Europe, and the scope of its activities in Russia increased.

State signs bridge financing agreement with Fortum to cover collateral needs in electricity derivatives market

6.9.2022 9.58
The State of Finland will provide fixed-term bridge financing to Fortum Corporation to mitigate the difficult situation in the Nordic electricity derivatives market. The aim of the arrangement is to strengthen Fortum’s liquidity reserves and thereby secure Finland’s energy supply.