Ownership steering by the State

The State owns several Finnish companies. Ownership steering refers to the responsible and professional management of the State’s shareholdings. The goal of ownership steering is to achieve a long-term increase in ownership value.

Ownership steering is based on the Limited Liability Companies Act and the principles of good governance. The Ownership Steering Department of the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for developing and coordinating ownership steering activities across the Government.

Current issues

Report on State corporate holdings 2021 published in English: shareholdings generate EUR 2.1 billion in revenue, State now monitoring overall emissions

23.6.2022 13.15
Government Palace in Helsinki
In 2021, the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic weakened the ability of state-owned companies to generate revenue, while the State continued to provide financial support to the transport sector.

Finland accelerates hydrogen economy: Gasgrid establishes a hydrogen transmission company

22.6.2022 16.16
A national hydrogen network will be established in Finland. On Wednesday 22 June, the Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy supported expanding the group-level mandate of the wholly state-owned Gasgrid Finland Oy to include hydrogen transmission infrastructure and the development of a related hydrogen market in Finland.