Companies owned by the State

The tables below list the State’s holdings in the various companies and the authorisations given by Parliament to the Government to broaden the ownership base.

The companies are divided into listed companies, non-listed commercial companies, and companies entrusted with special assignments.

State shareholdings and parliamentary authorisations on 27th of January 2023

All companies (qty) 70

  1. 8.31 per cent of Neste Corporation’s shares  are in Ilmastorahasto's balance sheet
  2. National Emergency Supply Agency 24.9 per cent 
  3. Direct state ownership 26.5 per cent of the shares and 50.2 percent of the voting rights. The rest of the shares are owned by Gasonia Oy, a wholly state-owned special assignment company 
  4. Ministry of Finance 26.5 percent of the shares and 50.2 percent of the voting rights, Suomen Kaasuverkko Oy 73.5 percent of the shares and 49.8 percent of the voting rights 
  5. Changes in ownership require the approval of the shareholder agreement
  6. In receivership 
  7. Ownership steering by Business Finland 
  8. Ownership steering by Opetushallitus
  9. Including 10,3 % owned by Finavia Plc 

... information not available

LVM = Ministry of Transport and Communications
OKM = Ministry of Education and Culture
STM = Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
TEM = Ministry of Employment and the Economy
UM = Ministry for Foreign Affairs
VM = Ministry of Finance
VNK = Ownership Steering Department in the Prime Minister’s Office
YM = Ministry of the Environment

Company Group 1a: The State as an owner has only or almost exclusively a strong shareholder interest.

Company Group 1b: Besides a strong shareholder interest, the company is connected with strategic interests owing to which the State is to remain so far a strong shareholder or to safeguard in other ways the strategic interests concerned, if the shareholding is reduced or relinquished.

Company Group 2: The State as an owner has a special interest related to regulation or official duties: the company has an industrial, societal or other political mission defined by the State or some other special role.

** The company's special assignment has not yet been specified. The State holds one series V share, which confers the rights specified in the articles of association and the shareholder agreement.