Government report on the future

Once during each electoral period, the Government submits to Parliament a report on the future focusing on long-term perspectives. Each report is restricted to key strategic issues relative to policy decisions to be taken in a 10-20 year period.

In addition to the Government, the report process always involves Parliament. The aim is also to encourage broad debate in society.

Part 1 of the Government Report on the Future published

Part 1, entitled ‘A Shared Understanding of the Transformation of Work’ of the Government Report on the Future has been published on 8 June 2017. The themes of the foresight report drawn up by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government are the transformation of work and the future of Finnish labour.

The report seeks answers to broad questions focusing on how work will be done in the future, and it generates information on what the change of work means and how Finland can successfully adapt to the change and seize the new opportunities it brings. The second part, which will be submitted to Parliament in 2018, aims to create a view on the solutions and policy measures needed so that Finland and Finnish labour will do well and succeed in the future. 

The report is being prepared utilising national foresight procedures, which are based on the utilisation of continuous and systemic foresight in decision-making. Besides the Government Report on the Future, the Government will also exploit foresight in its strategic procedures. The aim is to shift the Government’s foresight efforts towards a model where foresight and future-oriented thinking are part of civil servants’ and decision-makers’ daily work.

Contact details

Taina Kulmala, Ministerial Adviser 
Prime Minister's Office, Politiikka-analyysiyksikkö 0295160184  

Kaisa Oksanen, Senior specialist 
Prime Minister's Office, Politiikka-analyysiyksikkö 0295160430  

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