Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

The joint analysis, assessment and research activities, coordinated by the Government, generate information that supports decision making, working practices and management by knowledge.

With the world in constant flux, society's information needs also change rapidly and are linked to ever larger contexts and phenomena. The preparation and implementation of policies in society, and the related decision making, should be based on well-researched information. By using research, foresight, assessment and monitoring data more effectively, the knowledge base underlying policy decisions becomes more solid which in turn leads to better quality and effectiveness. To utilise information efficiently, interaction between the producers and users of the data needs to be close.

Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

E-mail: vnteas(at)

Contacts in the Prime Minister’s Office

Risto Alatarvas, Senior Specialist 
Prime Minister's Office, Strategiaosasto, Yhteiskuntapolitiikan suunnitteluyksikkö 0295160024  

Sanna Malkki, tiedonhallinnan suunnittelija 
Prime Minister's Office, Valtioneuvoston hallintoyksikkö / VNHY, Tietotoimiala, Tiedonhallintayksikkö 0295160312